2017 NFL season preview: AFC West could have three playoff teams

The Chiefs and Raiders each went 12-4 last season with the Chiefs winning a tiebreaker for the division title. It should come down to those teams again in 2017, though the Chargers could join them in the postseason.

The Raiders were on track to win the division until quarterback Derek Carr broke his leg in the penultimate game. The Raiders lost the regular-season finale to the Broncos while the Chiefs beat the Chargers to claim the division crown.

“I just like the smaller ones because it makes sure I use my hands and makes it so I can stretch my arms out all of the way,” Bennett said. “It helps pass rushers, but I don’t think it really matters too much because I know how to use my hands. It makes me make sure I use my hands and not throw my shoulder in there.”

In the process, Matthews earned even more respect from his Packers brethren, including a teammate who is guaranteed future Hall of Fame induction.

“He doesn’t get any credit for that and he should,” Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told Sporting News. “He’s a Hall of Fame-caliber outside linebacker who played inside for the better part of two years because we just had a major need there.

“Hopefully we are at the point where we can get him back on the outside all the time. But he wants to win — so do I. We are going to do whatever it takes to get the job done. If that means him going inside, so be it.”

Matthews recently committed another selfless act. Normally declining endorsement opportunities just before the start of training camp to keep his focus on football, Matthews accepted an offer from Playstation Vue because it would feature paid appearances by some of his family members.
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