How do you keep that kind of ego in the same room, on the same page together for nearly two decades without it unraveling?

The investigation will be conducted by Krutoy Law, a New York firm led by Evan Krutoy, a former prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office who had a stint as the acting bureau chief of the city’s sex crimes unit.

Anne Milgram, a former New Jersey attorney general whose law practice focuses on white-collar crime and government investigations, will be the lead investigator in consultation with Krutoy Law.

In the middle of it is Robert Kraft, the team’s owner, who inserted himself into the fray in a meeting with Belichick this season that ended with Kraft instructing his head coach to trade backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, according to the report. In the end, Kraft will be tasked with trying to find a resolution between his coach and his quarterback, if finding any middle ground is even possible at this point.

In some ways it was inevitable, and it’s worth pointing out the fact that both Belichick and Brady were able to put their egos aside and get along for 17 seasons, seven Super Bowl appearances, and five wins. But nothing lasts forever.

The commercials are going to be depressing, and just in case you thought NBC wasn’t doubling down on the sadness when promoting this tragedy you can watch the commercial above and prepare for a parade of 30-second ads reminding you that after the game A FATHER DIES.

They’re also promoting it with “This is the episode …” and nothing more. Not “This is the episode where everything changes” or “This is the episode you’ve been waiting for” or anything like that. Just an open-ended promise and/or threat that you’re going to settle in for some good old-fashioned death television before you get ready for your Monday morning.

The quick version of it is this: Brady and Belichick are both “ruthless and proud self-made men, both secure though still unfinished in their legacies,” as described in the article. bears_139

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