Tod Leiweke offeres spirited defense of Roger Goodell

Ameer Abdullah Authentic Jersey After chatting briefly former NFL COO Tod Leiweke at the league meetings on March, I asked someone why Leiweke didn鈥檛 last in the league office.
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I don鈥檛 mean to make light Jordan Martinook Youth jersey of executive compensation 鈥?because I know these dollars, as a kid who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks if you will, one could make the case that many executives are paid so much more than school teachers, firemen, police officers 鈥?but I think Roger has added extraordinary value to the NFL, Leiweke said. I am one guy who says, without really knowing the details of his contract, I don鈥檛 think Roger Goodell is overpaid.
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One of the reasons Goodell isn鈥檛 overpaid is because his job necessarily includes taking heat that otherwise would go to the behind-the-curtain billionaires who realize that the only thing better than being rich and famous is being rich. Goodell, as NBC Sports Boston鈥檚 Tom Curran describes him, is the world鈥檚 highest-paid pin cushion.

Goodell takes pride in the thickness of his skin. He actually revels in it, welcoming boos so that he can prove yet again that he鈥檚 not only the highest-paid pin cushion, but also the best.

Absolutely not, Warner said. I didn鈥檛 even know that was an issue. And that had absolutely nothing to do with Monday Night Football. Had nothing to do with anything that I was dealing with personally at that point in time. It had to do with some different things that I saw were out there, you know, different things that were going on . . . where we are in this society as a whole.

And I reference back to times when I was playing, for sure. There were times when I really felt like I was the best person for the job and I always thought, 鈥極K, when you get to the highest level, when you get to like the NFL level, the best person for the job鈥檚 just gonna get the job.鈥?It doesn鈥檛 matter where they鈥檙e drafted or how much money they make or what their pedigree is, and I realized very quickly that that鈥檚 not the case in the sport of football and at a high level. But that had nothing to do with the Monday Night Football thing.

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